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The Xtelligent Healthcare Media Network
connects healthcare executives with the information and insights they need to succeed.

Our editorial mission is straightforward. 
Xtelligent Healthcare Media editors develop high quality content for healthcare executives and IT professionals that support healthcare initiatives, providing news, perspective and insight about the topics, products, policies and companies that shape the increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem.

In pursuit of this mission, our editors cultivate relationships with subject-matter experts in all of our coverage areas. These include thought leaders and end-users, decision-makers and influencers, representing organizations of every size and stripe. Maintaining a focus on EHR adoption, HIT security and privacy, healthcare analytics, revenue cycle management, patient engagement and other timely and inter-connected topics, our editors pose the very questions that our audience grapples with across the care continuum. And as continuum of care expands, so too does our editorial coverage.

Our goal is to help decision-makers better understand the context of their complex, top-of-mind challenges. This is the driving force behind the planning and production of our original editorial content. Professionals in the healthcare industry want to hear from their peers, so it follows that the major focus of our editorial coverage involves engaging these experts and sharing their best practices with our audience.

Xtelligent Healthcare Media content is delivered in many forms.
Content is delivered through the Xtelligent Healthcare Media network of topic-specific websites, targeted events and digital media products, including webcasts, newsletters, custom media and integrated programs. Our editors produce feature stories and news daily which in turn become part of our bi-weekly and weekly newsletters. For topics warranting a more in-depth approach, the editorial team is responsible for concepting and moderating webcasts featuring presentations and Q&A with experts from across the healthcare industry. Lastly, best practices are shared with our audience through our series of best practice guides. Other media types are developed in support of custom content programs.

As members of the media and media partners, our editors make the rounds at the industry’s top events, giving them the opportunity to connect one-on-one with speakers and attendees; as well as a chance to create audio and video content on-site.

Xtelligent Media continues to grow but our focus remains the same.
Under the direction of Senior Director of Editorial Kyle Murphy, PhD, our guiding editorial principle remains the same as it was on Day One: The information needs of our audience will continue to drive our editors to create content that provides real insight into the challenges facing the healthcare industry, and we will distribute our content in the most effective ways to promote consumption and conversation among peers. 

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