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Letter from the Editor

To Whom It May Concern,

The editorial mission at Xtelligent Media is a simple one borne out of our experience connecting with subject-matter experts in healthcare.

Public and private investments in health information technology (IT), most significantly electronic health records (EHRS), has generated a highly competitive market for developers to compete for those dollars. Product news and announcements are everywhere, but they tell very little of the story going on within the four walls of a healthcare facility.

This is the driving force behind our goal of producing original editorial content. Professionals in this industry want to hear from their peers, so it follows that the major focus of our editorial coverage involves engaging these experts and sharing their best practices with our readers.

In pursuit of this mission, editors for each of our websites have the task of identifying the key decision-makers in EHR adoption, HIT security and privacy, healthcare analytics, and revenue cycle management and asking them the very questions their peers are currently grappling with across the care continuum. And as continuum of care expands, so too does our editorial coverage.

Content at Xtelligent Media takes many forms. Our editors produce featured stories and news daily which in turn become part of our bi-weekly and weekly newsletters. For topics warranting a more in-depth approach, the editorial team is responsible for conceiving and moderating webcasts featuring presentations and question-and-answer segments with subject-matter experts from across the healthcare industry. Lastly, the best practices our editors work to show with our readers serve as the basis for our series of best practice guides.

While most of our editorial interviews take place virtually, Xtelligent Media also strives to make its presence felt in person. As members of the media and media partners, our editors make the rounds at the industry’s top events in order to connect one-on-one with speakers and attendees, adding video and audio to our growing multimedia coverage.

Xtelligent Media continues its growth but the focus remains the same. The needs of our readers will always drive our editors to seek out individuals and resources capable of providing real insight into the challenges facing the healthcare industry and to share these best practices in a straightforward and objective manner.


Kyle Murphy, PhD
Senior Director of Editorial
Xtelligent Media, LLC

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